Wednesday, May 8, 2013

~~~ 1MANusia ~~~

Ketepikan 1Malaysia atau 1Moneysia untuk kerajaan kroni.
Kita manusia tak kira agama bangsa.
Kalau agama bangsa memecah manusia, kuburkan agama bangsa.
Biar manusia tanpa agama bangsa daripada digari agama bangsa palsu.
Tak sedarkah anda semua agama bangsa palsu belaka, ciptaan kerajaan kroni untuk memecah perintah anda?

Shove aside 1Malaysia or 1Moneysia for government crony.
We are human regardless of race religion.
If race religion divides us, bury race religion.
Better be human without race religion than cuffed by fake race religion.
Have you not realized that all races religions are fake, invented by govt crony to divide and rule over you?

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