Monday, December 5, 2016

yongiway scam overxhaul fraud bogus doctor

yongiway scam
overxhaul scam
yongiway fraud
overxhaul fraud
yongiway bogus doctor
overxhaul bogus doctor
"Dr" Lim Yong Teng or "Dr" YT Lim is a self-claimed doctor who is NOT a medical doctor.
When you ask him for his medical credentials, he will avoid by insisting that he is not a medical doctor.
In his presentation, he claims to guarantee cure IF you follow his program.
BIG IF because he even asks you NOT to drink water!
In September 2016, he supplied Colon-Zap oral powder which already expired in July 2016 but his assistant Eddy Sim said it was a mislabel.
Since Lim Yong Teng offers you only a so-called blanket treatment, he does not pre-diagnose your symptoms. Hence, his Colon-Zap oral powder contains ingredients which are likely counter-reactive to your body. Your body can be allergic to ingredients in his Colon-Zap oral powder and his other products.
All the oral intake products at premium prices that Lim Yong Teng sells you do NOT have any regulatory health certification. This does disservice to your body, and you expose yourself to unknown health risks. When your body develops side effects, he will request for your medical report to prove his product defect yet he is NOT a medical doctor, remember?
His real intention is to milk your money. It's all about business.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Basic Income or Dystopian Slavery

"When you have robots tending the vertical farms of solar-powered skyscrapers, and self-driving drones and cars and automated hyperloops organizing transit and delivery, and shoreline breakers harnessing the power of the wind and waves to send electricity back to their coastal cities, and 3D printers creating clothing and food at near-zero cost—when you have all these things, we’ll be living in a state of abundance. Farmers will no longer be necessary. Oil companies and their laborers will be phased out. Construction workers will no longer be needed. When virtual reality allows us to visit museums and foreign lands, the travel industry could see a great decline as well; even those who do take to the road will find their service needs handled by the aforementioned automation—with no need for humans to get in the way."

Robot farm