Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bersih has no Balls nor Brains

BERSIH / CLEAN You want free and fair elections to put good people to place good policies so that you get a free and fair share of food, shelter, clothing, education, basically of everything. In a nutshell, you want a free and fair share of money to gain access to everything.

KOTOR / DIRTY Govt does NOT want free and fair elections so that they can put their own people to place their own policies to control you in every way they can in order that they get the best of everything for free ie. UNLIMITED FREE FAKE MONEY. You pay for everything including your life.

(a) Did Bersih 1 work? NO. That was why Bersih needed 2 and 3.
(b) Does Bersih work? NO. Elections get faker and dirtier.

WHAT REALLY WORKS? First, read this link in the simplest English and BM.
Instead of 1 million people going Bersih, DO THIS and BN IS HISTORY in no time!

1. STUPID protest and rally.
2. SMART photocopy money.
3. WISE produce sustainability.

1. Bersih gets one million people to protest in the streets.
You get cannoned with cancerous chemicals. Who wins? Government or you?
A SYSTEM must S.Save Y.You S.Soul/S.Space T.Time E.Energy M.Matter.
Let's be clear. Governments don't give a shit about you slaves ESPECIALLY STREET PROTESTORS.
Either you die on your feet or live on your knees!
Note added 25 May 2012 - From the beginning, I already said Bersih But Brainless / Bodoh, you now realize Bersih begets burgers, buttocks and bullies.

2. If Bersih has balls, mobilize one million people to photocopy money. 
To change a system, make it obsolete by attacking its eye, in the current case, money. Now imagine you want to start a real fire, mobilize millions of people power to photocopy money. Pick your currency from 178 fake currencies worldwide. Bersih can even photocopy new “Bersih People” currency. Or just photocopy RM. Wait, counterfeiting money is illegal. Illegal your head. One million people photocopying money is illegal? How about 5 or 10 million people? Go to jail? Oh yeah, jail 10 million people for free food and shelter. Most of you already spend 7 hours a day in jail called “work for money." Now that you're "rich", do you need free and fair elections? YOU DON'T EVEN NEED ELECTIONS!

3. If Bersih has brains, mobilize one million people to plant fruit trees. 
Otherwise, the best option is to PRODUCE SUSTAINABILITY by first producing FREE FRESH ORGANIC FOOD wherever you are. If millions of people grow billions of fruit trees everywhere producing FREE FRESH ORGANIC FOOD, you're many steps ahead towards being FREE. As a start, you each plant a fruit tree on FREE land. One million fruit trees supplying FREE fruits. If you’re wiser, plant ten trees each. You now get to share ten million FREE fruit trees. I have planted over 1000 mostly fruit plants FREELANCE on FREE land and also using FREE vertical space so I get most of my fruits for FREE. Google VERTICAL FOOD GARDEN for ideas, images and ACTION.

Always remember that governments get the best of everything for FREE. Money is only a fake tool to control you. You must think and act FREE like them.

Since money is only a fake tool, this leads us to
Question - How will a world WITHOUT money work? Answer - ACE
A = Automation
C = Cooperation
E = Education

Automation and technology, without financial restraints, can relieve mankind of the most laborious and mundane tasks. We don't need money to build these machines, we can just build them, based purely on their utility and feasibility. [eg. Nature already automates free food production.]

Cooperation, a natural human trait, will fulfill all other operations that are either intrinsically human, or cannot be automated. Non-automatable tasks can be easily rotated among community members who are happy to support a community that supports them. [Cooperate, NOT compete. If your every body organ competes to be number one, you are dead within seconds.]

Education, without the career or competitive motive, will be geared towards giving every person a greater understanding of themselves, the world and its community. This knowledge will free our natural altruistic drive, and allow society to become a positive self-organizing system.

Lead Mobilizer of Malaysian Chapter of FREE World Charter
Let us WTF = Work Toward Free