Monday, July 11, 2011

SYSTEM defined

A SYSTEM must S-Save Y-Your S-Soul T-Time E-Energy M-Matter.
Let's be clear. The superclass don't give a shit about you slaves.
Either you die on your feet or live on your knees!
Wahai hamba, anda ada pilihan - mati berdiri atau hidup melutut!

Governments and cronies get the BEST OF EVERYTHING FOR FREE.
You pay for everything.

To change a system, make it obsolete by attacking its eye, in the current case, money.
Now, imagine millions of people power / rakyat mobilize to act as I propose here.

1 comment:

  1. When houses are broken into, people often blame or curse the burglars without realizing the greatest criminals of all time are the governments and cronies who rob the people in broad daylight.

    Find out how governments rob you.

    Governments control natural and human resources by issuing unlimited free fake money for themselves so they can inflate whatever prices of resources they wish. When people cannot afford basic resources like food, people may resort to crimes to survive.

    When you report to the police, the police will pretend to do something. There are even cases of police who patrol areas actually work together by informing their burglar friends which houses to break in! When crimes increase in those areas, the same police syndicate will advise areas to set up guarded neighborhoods to pay security fee (actually protection fee) to the syndicated companies which the police also pocket the fee collections.


    Step 1. Photocopy money for burglars / robbers / thieves / criminals to steal or rob. If arrested for photocopying money, report that police fail to protect the people that's why crimes happen. We photocopy money because we have run out of money for the criminals.

    Step 2. Grow as much food as u can in whatever space u can find. Collectively, we can grow tens of kilograms of food weekly so we can barter or even share among neighbors or even with criminals.

    Step 3. Get everyone to do these steps.