Tuesday, June 14, 2011

6 Fear Fact(ors) why UMNO BN is so scared

The question is: why do the government and its leaders want to do exactly the opposite of what history, prudence and honor dictates? Why fear the citizens’ march? Is providing all the necessary safety and security measures to avert the many fears that the government and/or their agentries claim, beyond the government’s capability?

Why are the BN leaders - and their supporters, hell bent in preventing the citizens to express their concern and demand within the framework of the Constitution and tenets of democracy and the hallmarks of justice?

Fact 1: UMNO BN knows that they are the MOST HATED POLITICAL PARTY in Malaysia, even using PERKOSA as scapegoat doesn't help improve their rotten image.

Fact 2: UMNO BN's corruptions, power abuses, racism and cronyism are already GENERAL KNOWLEDGE in Malaysians minds and foreign investors.

Fact 3: Economical stagnation, middle income trap and massive outflow of foreign investments plus brain drains are all results of UMNO BN's fallacy and tyranny.

Fact 4: UMNO BN knows that they will definitely LOSE in the upcoming GE 13 without given the rights to CHEAT, BRIBE, INTIMIDATE and GERRYMANDERING.

Fact 5: If UMNO BN loses the entire Putrajaya and PR forms the new government, they will also LOSE EVERYTHING (mansions, super cars, free trips, special rights etc) all which they accumulated thru ILL MEANS by stealing the RAKYAT'S MONEY.

Fact 6: If PR forms the new government, entire UMNO BN scumbags will be PUNISHED for all the crimes they committed when they were in power.


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